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Apps, or Addons are software packs, that are used to enhance and complement the existing features of a software program. This could be a plugin for your spreadsheet, expansion pack for your media player, or in this case, a toolbar for your browser that helps you find the best tasting recipes on the Internet! toolbar is such an example of software utilities, which comes handy in the kitchen.

Recipes: Delicious Words of Art

The recipe, a written or printed set of instructions on preparing a meal, has quite a storied history. The word itself, from the identically spelled Latin word, used to function as the imperative form of the word “take”, and was written at the top of prescriptions by pharmacists to instruct their patients how much medicine to apply or ingest. Naturally, the meaning has changed a little over the years, and now typically refers to a collection of ingredients and specific preparation needed for various foods. Recipes can be kept a variety of ways, from individual recipes scribbled on note cards and passed down through a family to ornate print-on-demand cookbooks that many modern chefs are opting to use as collection vessels for their various stashes of food preparation techniques.

The contents of recipes have changed a great deal as well. Where recipes found as far back as ancient Egypt called for the judicious use of local herbs and spices, the chefs of today have a wealth of exotic options at their disposal. From unique foreign produce like starfruit or bok choy sold right at the supermarket to gourmet bacon available to buy on the internet, there is almost no food or flavoring that an industrious chef can’t make his or her own. Regional wines, specialized cooking vessels from other countries, and even the internet have all led to a massive expansion of multi-cultural foods being served up on tables everywhere. Even pasteurization and air tight seals have changed recipes – the busy multi-tasking chef can reach for a bottle, can, or jar to speed up the food prep process in a recipe with many different components.

As food technology progresses, food enthusiasts have a sneak peek into the future with molecular gastronomy recipes, which chefs are also calling modern cooking. These recipes use extracts such as agar-agar, a seaweed derivative, to thicken food and change the texture and form without changing the flavor. Popular techniques include encapsulating food, freezing or warming foods that are typically the opposing temperature, and even binding meat proteins together to make a truly “cohesive” dish. As diner’s palates grow more and more complex, futuristic cooking techniques like these will enable chefs to turn familiar foods into a unique edible experience. Recipes like molecular gastronomy are the best way to channel a chef’s talent into a skill that can be replicated by another chef and gently altered as they see fit.

Feel free to browse our site for many different recipes across multiple food groups. If, however, you can’t seem to find the recipe you need, try the toolbar – you should definitely find something to your taste included in it! Bon appetit! Toolbar – Your Kitchen Assistant

It’s late in the afternoon and you haven’t even started to prepare for dinner. Your family has particular tastes, and you only have a few ingredients on hand. What can you do? You can try leafing through cookbook after cookbook looking for just the right recipe, but that can take hours. You can try experimenting with the ingredients you have, but if you make a mistake, you’ll be out the materials you have on hand and dinner will be late. A better alternative is simply installing the toolbar on the nearest home computer. This powerful digital tool puts over one million recipes at your fingertips, making searching for recipes faster and easier than it’s ever been before. Just take a moment to sit down at your home computer, hit the convenient button on your toolbar, and you’ll be browsing through hundreds of easy, relevant recipes in no time.

Unlike bulky cookbooks, the toolbar is digitally stored on your computer, freeing up counters and bookshelves that would formerly be stuffed with page upon page of recipes. When using physical cookbooks, a host or hostess risks using a recipe that may be too dated to pass for good modern food, or that may rely on heavy ingredients like butter and cream in a health-conscious home. With the large amount of recipes available through the toolbar, you’ll have access to light and diet recipes as well as updated favorites that may swap out an exotic ingredient for flavor, such as using slices of apple on a BLT sandwich for a salty-sweet crunch. Rather than dreading the preparation of meals, you’ll look forward to the process with your powerful new internet ally close by.

The toolbar also has other handy features, such as a web search to help you find answers to non-cooking related questions. One-click access to useful cooking sites like the Food Network are right at the top of your browser, enabling you to instantly find expert help in the kitchen. When you take advantage of this free download now, you’ll not only get the great features of the toolbar, but free tips on healthy eating and health advice along with your download; there will be a short welcome screen after the toolbar installs with a link to your free tips. Revitalize your kitchen, your body, and your web search experience when you download the powerful toolbar for your computer today!

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