About Soup Recipes


Soups are very popular dishes. In the nutrition of most people, they are important nutritionally part of the afternoon.

For soups used a variety of foods – vegetables, potatoes, cereals, legumes, pasta, meat, fish, mushrooms, etc. These products contain nutrients – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, necessary for the body rights. Eating soup as a first course due to the influence they have on digestion. Extractives of meat contained in the broth, onions, vegetables stimulate the activity of digestive glands, help whet the appetite.

By way of cooking soups are divided into filling, puree and transparent and, depending on the temperature – hot and cold. Prepare these dishes for meat, fish and mushroom broth, fruit and berry broth, using the milk, brew brine.

For clear soups, side dishes are boiled or stewed until tender, each separately, before the submission to the desk they are placed in a dish and pour hot clear soup.

Filling soups, depending on the type of embedded products, divided into the following groups: borscht, cabbage soup, broth, soup, rassolnik, soups. Cook them with vegetables, grains, pulses, flour and pasta. Ancillary products are introduced into the broth in a fresh, stewed or boiled.

For soups, mashed foods, first boiled, rubbed, poured their stock or broth, in which they were boiled, interfere with flour, butter, sometimes add a variety of filling, and then boiled or heated. The most widespread and diverse range of group are filling soups.

Cooking a good soup – great art, which requires special attention and time. Here you will find soups for every taste: from the simple to the sophisticated. You will learn how to cook a delicious broth, which is the basis of soup, which added to improve taste and flavor, what tricks to consider when cooking and other things that will help you improve and diversify your desktop.

How to cook soup – the rules of experienced hosts

Properly cooked soup – actually the first dish to their taste qualities, this table decoration. But it’s dishes are not as easy as it seems. Soups easily relegated to the level of primitive and tasteless, if they are prepared without understanding.

  • Take enameled saucepan, without cracks and chips on the cover. Important coating and wall thickness.
  • We cook on low heat. The slower the boiling soup, so it tastes better.
  • Pour bottled water at the rate of 3 cups per serving of soup. Cast, or add the liquid in the cooking process is impossible.
  • Products take the latest. Them carefully, I shall clean, removing all defects, and my back. Obsushivaem.
  • Slice in accordance with the recipe. The size and shape of pieces affects the taste of a dish.
  • Laying the products in strict order so that they were all ready at once.
  • Stir the soup with slow circular movements. Quick stirring prolongs cooking time.

    Master’s trick:

    Ready soup immediately after removal from heat pour in earthenware or porcelain tureen, cover with lid and give stand 7-20 minutes. At that time, spices and salt evenly penetrate the components and the liquid portion becomes thickish nice velvet texture. No accident that the noble houses of soup served at the table in a tureen – knew what they were doing.